Friday, July 20, 2012

Breaking with tradition

last night I made a list of all the things I wanted to cover in a long overdue update to this blog- a vacation, an adventure, more loss,weightloss, employment,unemployment and heartache have all unfurled since I last signed in to this damn thing and "PROMISED" I would write every day.
Thus proving the long believed theory  that the sure fire way to get me to NOT do something is to make me promise to do it- ultimately this is a reflection of what a challenge I would be as a prospective Wife- I've always said the proper phrasing to win me would be "I dare you..."
Still- I had this list of funny anecdotes,pictures of purses and nailpolish, tales of my recent makeover and a bunch of snarky nonsense about the ridiculous employment go round I have suffered through. Oh how I wanted to make you laugh- Oh how I wanted to delight you.
However, I woke up and logged on to a world full of sadness and fear.
A gunman decked out for slaughter massacred 14 people ( as of 1:10 pst-7/20/12) and wounded many more in a movie theater in Colorado.
My heart just snapped in two.
This was a late opening night screening. You know who go to those- people who have been looking forward to it with everything in them.
I have few words right now and quite frankly I wish to be spare because the last thing I want is this catching the eye of any gun nut who takes it upon themselves to make a presence on my page.
I have never been adverse to responsible gun ownership and use- However, seeing yet another incident like this leaves me at a cross roads with my ethics and I have to say I can no longer condone it, it doesn't make us safer as a people or a nation. 
It makes us fear filled and reckless- each person feeling they have the right to play g-d and law. I don't care if it is just a "hobby"- for hunting or some self aggrandizing need for "protection"-- this must stop. It is time to say NO- I am tired of arguing the point- I will not listen to contrary viewpoints anymore- I will not waste another day attempting to reason with zealots and fools it is time to say NO, you are WRONG. I think many of us who feel this way but have felt considerate of others beliefs need to speak up and do the same. There are enough bullets in this country to kill every American many times over.
So no anecdotes, nail polish or handbags today-- I just find the need to be silent  awhile. Sometime life needs to not "go on" for a few minutes so we can let the gravitas that we often escape due to inertia hit us full.
Kiss and hug everyone and everything you love all the time.
It's all you got.

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